Food Allergies 101

Thanks for visiting our new website! In anticipation of the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Festival this weekend- I thought we could talk a little bit about food allergies and how chronic stress can lead to food allergies.

Once the stress hormones are released the digestive system won’t be functioning at full capacity and might not be able to completely digest your food. This can lead to partially digested food leaking through your intestinal wall.

After that happens your body perceives the partially digested particle as a foreign invader creating allergic reactions. Generally these allergic reactions aren’t sneezing or breaking out in a rash, but more likely brain fog, fatigue or a drop in blood sugar.

It is important to distinguish the difference between a food allergy, intolerance and sensitivity.

Allergy: Immediate with severe immune responses
Sensitivity: Milder, with delayed immune responses
Intolerance: Metabolic or gastrointestinal responses due to an inability to digest certain foods

Regardless of the severity of the reaction, continuing to eat foods you’re allergic, sensitive or intolerant to can cause serious health issues such as IBD, arthritis, eczema, depression, anxiety and much more!

So what can you do if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms?
1. Diet: Try an elimination diet for 3 or more weeks
2. Supplements: Probiotics, collagen powder, L-glutamine, digestive enzymes

If you or someone you love is suffering from food allergies we would love to help you! Check out our essentials program for a comprehensive program that will address the root causes of all of your symptoms.

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