Rory Faherty D.C., IFMCP

Rory Faherty is a father, husband, and doctor of chiropractic.  He believes that all aspects of life – nutrition, faith, emotions, thoughts, environment, relationships, genetics, physical activity, play, work – affect our health and well-being, and that true healing comes from the patient by addressing all aspects.  He is on a mission to find a better solution to chronic health conditions. 

Rory grew up on the west coast of Ireland, in a big family, where community and connection were the backbones of a healthy and happy life. His vision is to create a community for connection, support, education and ultimately – healing.

Rory has completed a comprehensive national course of education with the Institute of Functional Medicine and has become an Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP).  In 2017, Rory founded the Minnesota Center for Functional Medicine. 

Rory currently specializes in functional medicine and chiropractic services.  Functional medicine focuses on lifestyle changes and support to treat the underlying root cause of symptoms to restore patients to health.  Specialties include digestive problems, fatigue, low energy, poor sleep, hormone imbalances, thyroid problems and autoimmune diseases.

IFM Certified Practitioner