Discover the status of your TSH, free T4, free T3, reverse T3, thyroid antibodies and thyroid receptor antibody levels.

Our Extensive Thyroid Test reveals the complete range of thyroid markers, to provide a more complete picture of your thyroid health and how all the elements work together.

Results are sent to Dr. Rory who will then provide you with a complete analysis of your test. Dr. Rory will offer recommendations that are customized to your unique thyroid profile.

The Thyroid Test is for anyone experiencing the following symptoms:

  • have a family history of thyroid disease
  • have been previously diagnosed with high TSH levels
  • experience a struggle with weight loss, low energy, fatigue, constipation, depression, brittle hair, and nails, or dry skin
  • currently take thyroid medication

Results matter

Once test results are in, we will call you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rory, who will thoroughly review your Thyroid test results with you and make concise recommendations based on his findings. Dr. Rory makes dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on these test results.

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